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November 21, 2011

Carol's Story: A Parent's Perspective

Ray and Carol Boltz (yes, that Ray Boltz) were huge supporters of Teen Mania in the 1990s. Their four children went on a combined 12 mission trips with Teen Mania, one graduated from the Honor Academy, they regularly hosted the ministry team in their home, and volunteered in Garden Valley and Miami (way back in the day!).

I remember back at the very first Day One Event in Michigan (Teen Mania's first HUGE stadium event), my job was to take care of the VIPs, including Ray Boltz and his band. I spent a lot of time hanging out with his band in the green room between sets and they were some really neat people who were enthralled with what Teen Mania was doing.

In the aftermath of the MSNBC documentary, Carol Boltz shares on her blog how Teen Mania has impacted her family.

The fact that Carol finds Teen Mania a dangerous place after all of her and her family's involvement with Teen Mania over a period of many years should cause great concern to anyone considering sending their child on a Global Expeditions Mission Trip or to the Honor Academy program.


It continually surprises me to see more and more people speaking out. Thank you Carol for being so honest. It just means a lot.

I met Phil briefly as he was leaving for his first summer trip back in the nineties. I think it was my second summer trip. I also remember being on a trip in '97 and hearing about his illness and being told to pray for his health. I can't imagine being in Carol and Ray's position, having given so much to a ministry only to find that questionable practices were directly affecting my son or daughter. God bless you, Carol, and thank you for sharing your story.

Yeah. Somehow a pro gay (anti scripture) bloggers perspective - isn't going to lend much credence in my opinion. To cite socrates, logos and pathos - don't mean much without ethos.

@Anonymous - I doubt that this particular audience is up in arms over your perceived lack of ethos. In fact, the character of the majority of the overall audience for this subject matter seems to be quite refreshingly open-minded.

We're not all Christians anyway, mind you.

..then again, you did say, "in my opinion".

Its pretty ignorant to say Carol's blog is "anti-Scripture" when what you really mean is that its anti-YOUR interpretation of Scripture...But of course, if anyone disagrees with you on any issue then it must mean they can't possibly have anything worth saying. Typical fundie.

so, RA,

where do you stand on the issue of homosexuality?

Anonymous, instead of Socrates you should have cited my fictional friend Bubba: "Facts ain't got nothin' to 'em when you can argue ad hominu-em!"

He also said, "To make folks think you're daring, throw 'em a red herring." (Which coincidentally expresses my own opinion on "the issue of homosexuality.")

@anon 4:30 - an anonymous poster's reference to Socrates isn't going to sway my opinion of TM, either. Then again, I had no idea that Socrates' methods of rhetoric were so "pro-scripture".

FYI, per Socrates (who believed himself to be a divine emisssary of the gods):
Virtue cannot be taught.
No one desires evil.
No one errs or does wrong willingly or knowingly.
All virtue—is knowledge.
Virtue is sufficient for happiness.

And Ethos does not refer to Biblical anything.
Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence its hearer's emotions, behaviors, and even morals.[1] Early Greek stories of Orpheus exhibit this idea in a compelling way. The word's use in rhetoric is closely based on the Greek terminology used by Aristotle in his concept of the three artistic proofs.

Sorry, while my comments aren't those of a "pro-gay blogger", they are of a "pro-Jesus sinner". So I'm sure nothing I could say would sway you to look at the many stories posted here with a little compassion.

No ethos? When I teach basic rhetoric, I teach ethos as being the way that you prove to your audience that you are an ethical, reasonble, and thoughtful speaker on the subject. Explain to me how being "pro-gay" violates the fact that she is ethical, reasonable, and thoughtful. Also, are you saying that you are incapable of believing anything that comes from the mouth of someone who happens to believe differently than you on one particular subject? That is a shame. Of course, if you want to talk rhetoric, it is falling prey to a number of logical fallacies, as Eric has pointed out.

Also, she has been anti-teen mania for a heck of a lot longer than she has been pro-gay, so I don't really see your point.

Okay, since everyone is on a tangent here on homosexuality....
Why trust TM when they're so buddy-buddy with John and Lisa Bevere? I mean, we're talking about people who teach all about leadership and morals and discernment, and they stayed at Ted Haggard's church for how long? Never suspecting anything was the matter? Does that mean that they and TM are teaching people to be stupid about when your pastor, leader, etc. is lying? If you're going to use the gay argument against Carol, you should consider TMs teachings too. Where was the accountability in Haggard's life to lie to his wife and church as well and what do the Beveres and TM have to say about it? I'd love to know...

The topic of homosexuality in this comment section - which has NOTHING to do with anything in the post or anything related to TM - is quite far afield of the original post...let's not make it any worse.

I apologize. I don't think we should be throwing out Carol's testimony because of differences in opinion on other matters.


Thank you for your very honest take on TM. I really love to hear parents' thoughts. I know you were heavily involved during my time there (I was an intern at the same time as your son) and I think that you spoke very clearly. Thank you for sharing your voice.

Anonymous uses Red Herring!

It's Super Effective!

why do you delete comments that don't align with your agenda? Do you not desire real conversation or one sided talk?

Because your comment has NOTHING to do with anything in this post. You are attempting to hijacks to discuss something entirely different.

The "anonymous" comment is a perfect example of the close-mindedness of the brainwashed TMM rhetoric.

I guess that what "anonymous" is trying to say is because Carol is pro-gay (something that is clearly anti-biblical per TMM), her argument is fully discredited. Even though one of her arguments is that her son almost died, because her ex-husband is gay and she continues to support him, her son's near death experience is a fraud? (** Pause for sarcastic effect**) Very Socratic in my opinion. ;)

hey everyone...I completely support PEOPLE 100%!! No I do not entirely agree with RA but I am in no way brainwashed to think that Teen Mania is perfect or is the savior... my response is to anonymous..really you are seriously gonna post stuff like that and not even put your name?!! really ?! and I think it is extremely rude to say those things about Carol..look I dont know her personally but you are insulting her, her son Phil (who I have a great amount of respect for) and Ray!! really?! NOBODY'S SEXUALITY has nothing to do with this and you automatically take it there..wow way to go!!

@Anon - "why do you delete comments that don't align with your agenda?"

This entire post and the subsequent comments have little to do with RA's "agenda," as you call it.

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