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November 14, 2011

Teen Mania Follower Issues Death Threat

A person calling themselves "Ojos Asi" has repeatedly issued threats since the airing of the MSNBC documentary. They have sent me pictures of my home with the caption "We are watching you. Lock your doors." Now, they have escalated to a death threat by saying "My Days are Numbered."

If anyone knows someone who goes by the alias "Ojos Asi" please contact me at recoveringalumni at hotmail dot com. I take death threats very seriously. Luckily, my brother in law is a police officer and my uncle is a lawyer. I will prosecute TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

I call on all Teen Mania followers and senior leadership to denounce these actions. Silence on your part would suggest approval to the individual(s) involved in making these threats.

The text of the latest threats are as follows:

Weve been watching. Weve been waiting. For the past year and half you have made a mockery of Teen Mania Ministries and the Honor Academy. You have disgraced the alumni and you have insulted our leaders. Youve lied and manipulated the media. You have twisted the truth. For far too long you have had the luxury of anonymity. You and your ministrants have lurked in the shadows, throwing fiery darts, then retreating into your victimized worlds. Your days are numbered. The light is about to shine and when it shines it will expose you and your conspirators for who you really are. Our wrath is coming and its corrosive. It will separate the truth from the lies. Sincerely, Ojos Así we will defend the glory!


While I don't feel it is a "death threat" per say, I do not agree with the actions. When reading it, I read the "days are numbered" line more to mean the days of their percieved twisting of truth are numbered. To take it to the extreme of sending you pictures of your house is more than a little creepy. I would immediately contact the authorites.

I might be inclined to read it that way if I had not been previously warned to "lock my doors" and that I'm "being watched." If someone were countering my arguments with "the truth" there would be NO reason to say these other things.

creepy? yes death threat?...no..not even close....any creeper can look up where you live and download pics off of google....contact the authorities!!!

Seriously people - the fact that ANY kind of intimidation - threat OF ANY Kind or Degree is made is heinous. Should you REALLY be quibbling over YOUR estimation or evaluation of harm intended? I am sure Mica has already done what she needs to with the authorities, esp. as she has family on the force. But more than that I am sure she did what she has needed to b/c she is a reasonable and logically thinking person. But why would she need to inform OR JUSTIFY her plan of action or steps taken? I would say she doesn't! And the fact that YOU are not concerned or even VAGUELY shocked - horrifies me.) - I am confident in my guesstimate that posting this information here - where the RA community and general public are in active discussions is another avenue she is pursuing to address this threat.

RA, I'm so, so sorry this is happening to you. I hope that this person is quickly identified and caught.

while i do not agree with this letter i personally would not take that as a death threat. but the other stuff about being watched n the home photos n locking your doors is very creepy n i would report it all cause you just never know anymore what people are capable of doing. Noone should try to make anyone feel unsafe at any measure. also i wouldnt assume this is from a tm supporter it could just be from someone trying to cause bad attention on tm. i dont believe anyone who loves the Lord would try to make someone else feel like they need to feel unsafe. to express your opinion n say they dont agree with u is one thing but to say watch out n lock your doors is a whole other situation. And if it was a tm supporter than shame on them!

I would say this is a sick, sick, troll... but if they have pictures of your HOME?



I'm sick to my stomach. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you Mica. <:|

I should clarify - the pictures of my home were google maps satellite images. Which is less creepy than them sitting outside my house with a camera, but still not exactly comforting.

If not for the previous "I'm watching you" threat with photo, I would agree with the non-death threat. However, this person clearly means to harm, intimidate, and hurt RA. There is no part of this that is acceptable. And if it were me, I would be pretty freaked out. Too far, people. Too far.

I wish I could say I am shocked, but as sick as this is, I am not. This is the natural progression of believing in a militant Christianity. It's the same thing that drove witch hunts and the crusades. People don't like their systems of controlling people being messed with. They are used to manipulating through fear tactics.

A lot of "ordinary" alumni have hinted that you are "being used by the devil" so this person is just taking the next step in that belief- trying to stop the devil! It's so twisted.

This is what happens when people see people as the enemy, when people care more about their "cause" then people. This is what happens when people forget the ENTIRE POINT of this broken thing called Christianity is love. End rant.

I am sorry Mica. I only hope the grace and truth of Jesus will shine through all this religious BS.

okay this is sick and creepy....If I were you I would not wait, I would immediately file a report with the authorities EVERY time it happens. If you wait until something happens, it may be to late to do anything if you don't speak up to the right people now.

Second, obviously I very seriously doubt any leadership of TM would condone these actions in any way shape or form, to say that unless they speak out against it means that they agree is probably not the best thing to say, I mean seriously there is a line where TM can no longer be held responsible for the actions of someone that has taken their own craziness into their own hands...just my two cents.

Really? The phrases "Your days are numbered" and "Our wrath is coming," and people say "not even close" to a death threat?

Granted it's not a slam dunk; the phrasing is indeed a bit vague (when has anything from Teen Mania been well-written?). But I think a prosecuting attorney can certainly make a decent case for it when this guy gets hauled into court.

Of course, TM supporters say that ESOAL is not even close to abusive, so go figure.

Kudos to you for being willing to deal with this crap. It's true what they say: Everyone who does God's work gets persecuted! ;-)

I'll be very keen to see TM's "official response" to this. Stoner, Hasz, and Luce: your move.

You're praying for the RA community, TM? Now's a good a time as any to show it.

I don't care what your stance on the HA is- I'm pretty sure we can all agree... whether this is a legitimate threat, or some SICK and twisted joke, it's beyond demented and wrong.

But if they really DO support the HA, they'd be dumb to follow through on any of this; it'd just give TM more bad press.

Does anyone else notice how creepy "jihadist" this sounds? "We will defend the glory!"

Also, "Ojos Asi" is a Shakira song.

Yeah, this whole thing is creepy. I'd love to know who this is who thinks THEY are not making a mockery of TM, taking on this anonymous "Ojos Asi" persona. Bizarre.

And good luck getting TM to care--I just don't believe they will do anything (but turn a blind eye to these statements, possibly say they do not condone them). But that's it.

The thing that's interesting about this "Ojos Asi" person is how obviously they mean to intimidate. I've noticed them earlier on here saying to "let sleeping dogs lie" and spewing some other nonsense that yes, takes on a very "Jihad" tone.

Ojos Asi = Eyes like those? Personally, I think this person is a nut. Which doesn't make anything safer, it's really sucks though to have to deal with someone even kookier than eregular TM issues. I'm so sorry RA!

Not trying to downplay any potential threat - part of the risk of going on TV is that there may be people who have nothing to do with their time but "toy" with you. They may have nothing to do with TM or RA - just have some extra time on their hands... and the anonymity of being on the internet.

That said, I'm sorry that you are getting these.

since the weirdo posted a comment on the previous thread is there a way to trace his IP adress?

There should be someone in authority (police) that can do this.

RA, I suggest you ask, because it shouldn't be hard and is a quick solution to narrowing down this person. If you run into a snag, let me know and I will ask someone about it.


Not sure if you knew this or not, but you have a real knack for sensationalism.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we wanted to clarify: we don't make threats; especially not death threats, it's not our style. Know that we mean you, your husband Mark, or your two dogs (Sasha & Sydney) no physical harm. We're also pretty sure your brother and uncle have better things to do with there time than go on a wild goose chase looking for us.

The purpose of the note above was to let you know that there is a "new kid on the block"; a new voice. The light IS coming, you can't stop it no matter how many accusations you make.

You didn't think you could operate with complete autonomy forever, did you?

Ojos Así

Well, thank you for clarifying! Perhaps you should write more clearly in the future if you want to be a communicator. Most people would understand threats like "we're watching you" "lock your doors" and "your days are numbered" to be physical threats.

Ojos Asi: You are a creeper. The end.


If that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

"You didn't think you could operate with complete autonomy forever, did you?"

... RA made her identity public months ago. If you've really been "watching" for a year and a half you'd know that.

You're no "new voice"; you're a contrived ominous personality written by some punk kid with nothing better to do- with lines ripped straight out of a cocktail of Disney villains. The writer in me cringes at your inability to at least script a believable antagonist.

It's laughable.

... WOW I can't read. I thought "autonomy" was "anonymity".
Wow okay. My bad.

ALL THE SAME, my previous statement stands. You may have the upper hand in reading comprehension, I'll give you that!

RA, How does he/she/they know your husband and dogs' names?!?!?!? So creepy!!! Even if you've posted them on Facebook or something, what kind of person goes around stalking people like that?!?! I am so very sorry that you are dealing with this. Please know I am praying for your safety and peace of mind.

Dear Lord, please watch over RA and jer household. Protect them from all harm and these crazy people. Give her strength and continue to provide her with the courage to speak your truth and spread your love. Amen.
I am so sorry this has happened to you. These threats and intimidation have NO place in the body of Christ. This is another SICK and SAD example of what teen mania produces. Another bad egg.


I was never a part of Teen Mania but I'll give you a little hint

W#l#or#, K#

Ojos Asi, what you are doing is NOT in love or rooted in scripture at ALL. Do you really think that by making threats in instilling FEAR in an individual is at ALL what Christ would do? Please consider your words and actions very carefully before you are the downfall of yourself.

To the individuals saying that this is just another product of Teen Mania...I would encourage you to join the HA/RA Discussion Board on Facebook. You will see that this is in NO way something that is condoned or encouraged by TM. In fact, there has been some GREAT dialogue between TM leadership and RA members in the past week or so. Issues are being addressed and leadership is asking forgivness for MANY of the hurts in the past. DH and HS are addressing each issue almost DAILY. Please check it out and I think that you will see some serious changes that have been occuring. Lets focus on HEALING for those that HAVE been hurt.

I am praying for you ALL and praying for ALL of the TM leadership, other alumni, and current interns. I am even praying for YOU Ojos Asi...I pray that God shows you that you are NOT operating in love and what you are doing is flat out WRONG. I think that ALL TM and RA members can agree on that. You stand ALONE in the way you are going about this. As an HA Alumni, I can tell you that I totally, 100% and completely do NOT stand with you or your "fight". Live love.

Ok this person is seriously SERIOUSLY creepy in the dangerous sort of way

Don't worry....we were able to capture the IP address of Ojos Asi as I, a Guardian, was online at the same time they posted.


I wanna be cool too

I #A# B# F#C#I#G #R#E#Y #O#, Y#U #U#S

scary huh

Guardian- Here is the problem with capturing an IP address...You can't track it to a specific person without a court order. You POSSIBLY will get the general location of where it came from and the ISP for that IP. Without the police giving an order to the ISP, the IP address doesn't matter. This is why it is a good thing that Mica got the police involved. No alumni, RA member, TM staffer, or "guardian" will be able to do anything alone (within the realms of the law). I would encourage you to hand over any IP address that you have to Mica and the police. I am actually an IT professional with 10 years in the industry. Trust me on this issue.

@Cryptic song title, that was AWESOME. I figured out everything but the last word. Unless it is "puss". If it is "puss" I got it. :)

Anon- LOL, it was actually "guys". But I am impressed all the same!

Ojos Asi - Did you mean Wilmore, KS?

Funny that this jerk kid now tries to clarify that he "wasn't a part of teen mania". Interesting that now there is backlash against this a-hole he/she/it tries to make TM look clean on this crap. Seriously kid, take your ritalin and get back to the cartoon channel.

Anon 10:13- wow, good point.

"For the past year and half you have made a mockery of Teen Mania Ministries and the Honor Academy. You have disgraced the alumni and you have insulted our leaders."

Why would you care about how this has affected "your leaders" if they aren't your leaders at all? Nevermind the whole flipping back and forth between "we" and "I".

Shakira's act is falling apart and it's kind of embarrassing.

Well if Guardian would like publish the IP then I would be happy to run a port scan and publish relevant info so other anons could point their LOICs in the right direction.

Even though Shakira said "our leaders" it is important to remember that this person is NOT speaking for Teen Mania. Dave Hasz has already come out and said that these actions are "deplorable" and they do not support this person.

Saying that this one misguided person represents TM as a whole is like saying Osama Bin Laden was the perfect representation of Islam and ALL muslim leaders.

Don't feed the troll.

However, do feed the troll to the police.

Anon 10:51- oh, I totally agree! I don't think TM is behind any of Shakira's actions at all. I'm just saying that he/she/they obviously look up to the leadership and seem to be motivated because of their admiration for TM leadership, or at least are sympathetic to them.

Sorry, I should have been more clear.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ojos Asi, here in the US we believe in free speech. Terroristic threats are against the law. The police will be watching YOU.

Its definitely a death threat and more than adequate to get assault charges in Texas- the defnition of felony assault includes "just making threats" with no physical contact whatsoever---- I agree with others to let the police handle it!

Please know that on behalf of teen mania, all our staff and me personally, we would never condone this kind of threat or hatred. you are a precious person to God and we would never want any harm to come to you. this truly makes me sick to my stomach! i call on the person who issued these threats to reveal yourself and apologize sincerely. there is no reason Mica or anyone connected to her should live in fear of her safety! are we not adults here? can we conduct ourselves in a Godly manner even though we may disagree? WE will pray for you safety Mica and I truly hope all the restoration you seek the Lord brings to you. Even though i have no idea who threatened you, I am so sorry this has happened. Sincerely Ron Luce

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wow, people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty God are actually fringe terrorists. No surprise here. Kill in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior seems to be the motto of Christian Taliban terrorists. Again, I'm not surprised. This truth is found in the Good Book of Jesus Christ - to live the life of an extremist and to kill people in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. AMEN. Actually, it seems to me that Christians are terrorists. These Christians want to kill homosexuals, government employees, people of color, people of different faiths, and they hate women, too. If you see these Christians, call the police, get to a safe place, get help.

Are we still talking about Jesus or the people who were abused by an anti-human cult. I've lost track already. Praise the Lord!

Ron Luce is a wolf in sheep's clothing. His words drip with insincerity. His organization has gone out of their way to slander these abused girls, and this is just more damage control. As I see it, Luce is responsible for these threats whether he made them personally or not. Do we not hold radical clerics responsible for acts of violence committed by their followers?

Anon @7:19 -- Speaking as a Christian, I can say with confidence that the overwhelming majority of Christians would agree that these kinds of actions have nothing whatever to do with belief in Jesus Christ (who taught, "Love your neighbor as yourself"). It's foolish to judge an entire religion by the behavior of one belligerent internet troll.

Do you own guns? Because right about now I'd be polishing them and getting them ready. That is a full blown death threat. The HA is filled with cult extremists and such, that place needs to be shut down.

Whoever felt the need to send you that ridiculous message needs professional help, although I think calling it a "death threat" probably overstates your case. However, let me be clear in saying that although I completely disagree with nearly everything you do and say in regards to Teen Mania, I do not support any type of threat. Now, if someone really wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine, they would go whine and complain until someone at Fox News put them on a show about smear campaigns. Then, they would twist dated footage of you in an effort to paint you as a crazed lunatic, attempting to live out some warped "Count of Monte Cristo" style revenge fantasy in which they crush all of their enemies in one fell swoop. Of course, that wouldn't be too far from the truth, but I think you see my point. Threats are not cool. Neither is slander. However, one does not excuse the other.

Where are the notes that say they are watching you or that you should "lock your doors?" Proof would be nice.

I feel like this is a hoax designed to rally support against HA. If it was not originated by someone from this site, it definitely was not written by an HA participant and whoever it was definitely does need help.

It is interesting that Ron's response is deemed in-sincere and discredited... Nothing he could say would satisfy people and if he didn't say anything you would all be upset... can there not be peace here?

@Anon 7:52 - Those note were emailed to her privately. They were shared with the members for Guardian to obtain a digital footprint that was handed over to both local and federal authorities.

Awww, that is cute Anon. You think we care about your conspiracy theories.

Ron, you are sincerely reaping what you sincerely sown.

You set the polarizing dynamics in action years ago when urging Christian teens to shut their brains off when it came to discerning the doings of TM and the "elite" castes within it zealously pursuing "transformation" by purely humanistic means.

Authority that cannot be questioned or held accountable because everyone reckons it above reproach is the most dangerous kind of authority of all. You and TM have shown this all too well.

Your admonition is a tired shibboleth of, yes, evangelical cultism in which you are trying to put distance from the arrogantly confused young lion you set loose in the blogosphere to defend your organization. You have allowed this insidious reasoning to prosper on your watch and now it's coming back to bite you in the leg.

You may be sincere in your apology but I refuse to believe you're clueless as to who did it. Tell your lawyer and PR team you followed their instruction to the letter. They should be pleased

When someone says "lock your doors" and then says "your days are numbered" I believe that can be construed as a death threat. This person needs to be watched very closely.

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