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March 20, 2013

David Hasz Hired by Bethany College of Missions

After leaving Teen Mania last year, David Hasz went to work at a company in the Houston area that was staffed by many Honor Academy alumni. Now, he has moved on to another "ministry" job. After serving on their Board for several years, he has been hired by Bethany International - the group that collaborated with Teen Mania for the now defunct "Honor Academy North" campus. Unfortunately, Bethany has not learned from his disastrous tenure at the Honor Academy and I can only hope that we won't be seeing similar stories from Bethany College of Missions students in the coming years.

Here is their official annoucement:

Introduction to David Hasz

Beginning March 18th, David Hasz will join Bethany as our Vice President of Leadership Development and Discipleship. His primary responsibility will be to engage the whole Bethany team in the discipleship journey of students and interns to truly know the love of God as His children, grow in intimacy with Jesus, and discover their gifts and calling as they prepare to join God in His global mission to reach the lost wherever they may be found. For nearly seven years David has served on Bethany’s Board, bringing tremendous insight, vision, enthusiasm and support.
David is married to Beth and they have four children. He served for 17 years with Teen Mania providing leadership for the Honor Academy and more recently as Executive Vice President. We are thrilled that the Lord has led Dave and his family to us.


OH FSM help us!

So, his family that he just moved to another part of Texas is going to be moving again to another part of the country? Poor family!

And what happened the job at whatever Ministry/Company his brother works at as well. Is Jon going to follow suit?

These are, of course, rhetorical.

Hmmm, somebody misses being boss-man and having little worshipper-followers.

Apparently Bethany College has deep ties to several documented spiritually abusive groups such as IHOP: Link

It's worth noting that IHOP, like Teen Mania, has also been described as a cult. (Here's one article; Google will bring up many others.)

Bethany "college" isn't accredited in any way, but their "endorsements" page includes several IHOP leaders and none other than Ron Luce.

Of course, the fact that they hired the creator of ESOAL to run their discipleship course is red flag enough right there. I hope prospective students follow the example of this year's prospective interns and stay away in droves!

I think TM is losing a lot of followers. I went on a GM trip 4 years ago and they keep calling offering me a leader position for mission trips this summer...very strange.....

So Dave wasn't working for a ministry after TM, he was working for a telecom company with his brother in the Houston area....no other TM alumni work there. Just clarifying for accuracy

I am assuming that every evangelical ministry is abusive and part of a cult

I am assuming that every evangelical ministry is abusive and part of a cult

I use to be heavily involved with IHOPKC, and then I did research and the truth stunned me and I cut off all ties. I was going to go on a Global Expeditions trip this summer, and then I found your blog and became deeply concerned and cut off that tie as well. This year I'm graduating high school and I wanted a missions school. I found BCOM and they were the first to accept me and offer me huge scholarships that made it possible for me to go there. Then I find that David is going to be there and now it's like WHY! I'm starting to think all evangical places have sick unbiblical or abusive ties. I'm not sure. I want truth. I don't want some man's spin on truth. And the fact that David is going to be vice for "discipleship" makes me want to puke. He may want to start an ESOAL there (which I will be more than happy to be called a loser and not participate). I don't know. I'm going to visit the campus in Early June and then go back for the summer and seek truth in all things and with soberness and crazy prayer test everything I've heard and reject lies. Most of all, I want to sit and be still and hear His clear direction. For even the elect can be deceived. You suggest I find another school? Because, I mean, I don't know really much about David. Is he abusive? Can I avoid him or is he really in your face?

Donavan: Your assumption would be wrong, though I can see how it would feel like that at times. In fairness, though, there are plenty of Evangelical ministries who are genuinely humble, Christ-centered, and doing good in the world. You just may have to look for them beneath the radar a bit.

Prospective Student: If you read around on this site, you will find many posts documenting David Hasz's leadership style at Honor Academy by those who experienced it firsthand. Start with this post or this one. I'd certainly advise anyone to stay well clear of any organization that thinks this type of "ministry" is a good idea.

It's good that you're doing your homework! BCOM has a smaller online footprint than Teen Mania, but in my quick google search, the TM and IHOP-KC connections were the first thing to come up. That's more than enough for me to say, "Yes, find another school." All good schools offer financial aid, by the way, especially if your case is need-based, so don't worry about regretting the scholarship offer-- religious abuse is not worth any amount of money.

You'll probably have to look outside your particular charismatic circle a bit, since much of what you're familiar with seems to have these IHOP-type ties. That might be the case for a broad swatch of American pentecostalism, but there are many more Christian colleges outside that bubble. If I were you, I'd consider asking some missionaries, or in general the kind of people who have the type of career/ministry you think you'd like to have, where they got their training and what schools they might recommend knowing what they know now. (For instance, I'd gladly recommend my own alma mater, Moody Bible Institute). And of course, ask around and check them out for yourself. Best wishes!

Dave Hasz is a great leader. BCOM will be an awesome place with him there! If he does an ESOAL event, you will be surprised by how he REALLY approaches it (not like what is portrayed on here).

Having dave here is not going to change how bcom is. Yes some rules will be enforced more where there is too much grace. But dont let wjat these articles and people who do not really know bcom change your mind. Really seek afyer God and find out what he is calling you to do. Do not let anyone try to keep you away from your calling, even if that is not here do mot be swayed by others.

"bcom student" says - "Yes some rules will be enforced more where there is too much grace."

...And there you have it. When Hasz shows up at Bethany College of Missions, according to "BCOM Student," they'll be enforcing more rules and getting rid of that pesky "grace" thing that we have so much of for some reason. And this is what people who want you to go to BCOM say is a good thing.

(This of course is entirely consistent with the Honor Academy's theology as Hasz taught it, as I've documented.)

Your "calling" is to live by God's grace alone! "I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel!" (Galatians 1:6) If you don't want to be kept away from your calling, don't go where they preach that law is good and grace is bad. Don't go to Honor Academy or BCOM!

Anon @7:46 -- You mean like this? That is rather surprising.

Eric...yes I do believe we are called to live by Grace...but there are rules that we have to follow every where we go. They are there to guide us. You cant just tell someone ok you need to do something then let them keep putting it off. There as to be structure and rules. Yes there is a point where people can relay too much on rules. I never said grace is bad either.

You people are a joke..this website makes me sick!

BCOM Student - You say "Grace...but". That's the whole problem. Real grace doesn't need a disclaimer about how important rules are; to the contrary, "But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace" (Romans 11:6). It's either all of grace, or none of grace.

Compare Galatians 3:24-25: "Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor."

If following the rules and structures was enough, why did God have to send Jesus? We needed a savior, not a rule-giver. I've written in more detail about this in a few places; see the article about HA I linked above, or this one: The Galatian Road Out of Legalism

Also, I'm concerned when you say "You cant just tell someone ok you need to do something then let them keep putting it off." Surely the solution in that case would be for me to stop thinking it's any of my business to boss people around!

I agree with Kyle Kindle...ever since i stumbled across this website it has baffled me with why?...why keep it going?....it is sad to me that young people looking for a ministry have to stumble across this garbage...my son went to tm....cant say enough about the wonderful ministry....strongly disagree with every post on here...just a waste of energy...

Anonymus -- Have you read every post on here? You should do that before disagreeing with them. Start with these.

A lot of other people's sons and daughters see things very differently. Here's a post on another site by a mom who formerly supported Teen Mania 100%, but changed her mind when she found out how it really affected her kids.

Blog comments don't take very much energy at all (I'm doing this one over coffee), but if they keep people from falling under the influence of false doctrine, it's totally worth the effort.

So what you are saying is that there so be no rules at all? That everyone can act as freely as they want? Even if that means that someone keeps on sinning.

For whatever it's worth, my two cents on the argument between law and grace is this:

Matthew 22:36-40 (NIV)
“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

This blog exists to provide a safe place for recovering alumni from Teen Mania and The Honor Academy. We discuss abuse. Ditto on Eric's comments. It's worth the effort.

Anonymous 9:17, first of all other people's sin is not OUR responsibility, it is theirs. It is not up to US to convict others of sin, it is up to the Holy Spirit and Him alone. Grace is letting go of our need to point out everyone's flaws, our own tendency to focus on the speck in our neighbor's eye while we have a plank in our own, and LOVING them and trusting that God will work through us ALL in His timing. Grace also does not mean that rules doesn't exist, but it means that rules should not be the focus or the end-all be-all. Like the verse Eric shared,

Galatians 3:24-25: "Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor."

Anon 9:17-

Rules don't stop people from sinning.

If you lay down strict rules, that won't stop people from breaking them, any more than saying "draw a straight line" can stop people from drawing a crooked line. In fact, the Bible says "the strength of sin is the law" (1 Corinthians 15:56). All rules against sin do is prove you're a sinner. Then what?

If, on the other hand, you help people to love others the way Jesus loves them, then they will be freed from sinning, because they won't want to do things to hurt people they love. Thus the Bible says, "Whoever loves others has fulfilled the law." (Romans 13:8)

So the point is not "Do away with all rules" but "If you want to stop people from sinning, do away with all notions that rules are of any use for that. Instead, give them the freedom to love."

This is all spelled out in great detail in the epistles to the Galatians and Colossians; or see the link I provided above to "The Galatian Road" for my article-length treatment of the subject.

I'm the one above that wrote the post from the Prospective BCOM Student profile. I just want to say, I actually ended up coming to BCOM, and since coming here, it has been overwhelmingly busy, to the point where it just is hard to focus in on the Lord. I thought this was going to be a quiet place, a place to really learn the bible and dive into the heart of it all, but the classes are very shallow and there is no real daily intake of Scriptures in the curriculum for the most part. The internship costs 30 thousand dollars or more, which I know if the Lord wants you to go, you could and He would provide. I just want you to be aware of that right off the bat that there is a lot the school website doesn't tell you. In fact, it's almost deceiving. Many people have left, and several others, including myself, plan on leaving. It's very lukewarm, and on some intern sites, the interns can't even speak the name of Jesus. I don't know what being a missionary is if you aren't speaking the name of Jesus. The leadership here is crazy, maybe even abusive. One small thing happens, and you have to meet with your mentor, then the dean of men or the dean of women, and then everything you do from that moment on is going to be judged off of that one mistake you have made. There is not much grace, and leaving conversations with leadership, instead of encouraged, many feel discouraged, and condemned. And that is not the Lord. There are positives to this place, such as the prayer ministry, the prayer room, and there are some people here that have a real passion for the Lord, you just have to find them. Please pray and do your research and definitely visit campus and ask for God's discernment before coming. I just don't want you to waste time and money on something that is frankly shallow, and dry and empty.

BCOM Dropout: Very sorry to hear that. What you describe is unfortunately a textbook case of Spiritual Abuse. I hope other prospective students will take a warning from your words of caution.

What's very telling is when you say "the interns can't even speak the name of Jesus." I've noticed this with TMM as well; there's a lot of talk about "taking the message" but very little talk about the subject of the message. This is because spiritual abuse and Jesus are highly incompatible. Jesus saved His harshest words for those people who used religion to judge, condemn, and discourage people.

I'd encourage you to read through the archives of this site, and through others such as Pure Provender, Quivering Daughters, and Recovering Grace for some excellent resources for dealing with this kind of spiritual abuse and religious burnout. Here's a list of resources on my own website as well.

Lot to say. First, just because there is an offense, doesn't mean there was a wrong. Once said, "I can relate to that." to someone, only to be chewed up and unfriended on facebook over such a simple comment. Then again, real hurts do happen all over, not just at TM. I was singled out by one of my college professors for not understanding his thick accent. A girl once called security on me because I walked from the college classroom to the parking lot carrying a conversation with her. It doesn't make TM a cult.
TM is a self-proclaimed para-church organization. They intentionally seek to instill good character in people while letting churches and the like teach doctrine and theology. There were very few times when certain doctrines were stressed there. I knew a spectrum of believers at TM. Both the hyper grace crowd, and law emphasizes such as Messianic believers. For the record, there is plenty of support for the need for works to be saved. I'm not here to debate doctrine; I'm just saying there is a biblical basis for the necessity of works for those who believe such. "Faith without works is dead" is just one of many.
Speaking of, as an intern I really learned the value of good character, and I learned a better view of what it means to love someone. Before going there, I never thought of speaking ill of people I didn't like behind their back as evil. I learned a lot of great things that made me live a more righteous life.
Many complain about ESOAL. It was optional, and we were instructed not to look down on those who chose not to go. I participated in it, and I learned a lot! I learned about myself, about humility, and about team dynamics. When I wanted to ring out, I did. Dave and every one else present were very encouraging to me when I did so. There's a difference between not eating, and fasting. There's a difference between experiencing ESOAL and participating in it. I have a feeling a lot (not all) of the negative stories from it came from people who didn't have the right attitude about it. Again, an offense doesn't mean wrong was done.
Dave is an excellent man, and a great teacher. I haven't seen anyone bring anything against his character here so far. As for his teachings, I have recordings of his teachings. I have been a youth pastor, and when I play them for my youth, I get requests for copies of it. At least one leader of a large, notable, international ministry has heard his teaching (Dave doesn't know this) and been impressed by him.
Before we signed up for TM, we were told what we were signing up for. We signed a contract. If my wife broke her business contract that she signed, the business would have reason to take legal action against her as if she did something wrong. Turned out, she hates her job too. :( Why is it so different when it's a contract with a ministry who doesn't take legal action against those who break their contract? I think some people have had hurt feelings, both right and wrong, and lashed out. That doesn't make TM a cult. They are effective at doing what they are on a mission to do, and that is to bring people into churches, all kinds of churches, some with believes unlike either mine or yours.
I consider Garden Valley a home away from home. I'm heart broken to see it go. I think if every intern who graduated was interviewed, you'd find an overwhelming positive vibe about the place. As with any comment box, TM's is filled with more complaints than compliments, because upset people are more likely to take action than happy ones.

Anon 2/7 - Those might be valid arguments if the allegations of TM's abuse were no worse than any other stressful work environment. However, if you take the time to see what people have said they are upset about, it suddenly seems a lot more hollow. Would you say that to someone who believes, say, Dave Hasz's teaching that God hates them because medical issues exacerbated by overwork forced them to break their "commitment"? To brush off the true stories of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse as coming from people with the "wrong attitude" is exactly what's wrong with TM.

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