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February 18, 2014

Teen Mania College Credits Are Nearly Worthless

Teen Mania has been seeking legitimate college credit for quite some time. If interns could receive actual college credit during their year it would be easier to recruit more of them. Now, in their brand new partnership with The King's University (founded by Jack Hayford), Teen Mania interns may receive college credit for their classes. Or so it seems.

On Teen Mania's website, you can see the following statements which assure teens that they will be able to spend the beginning of their college career at Teen Mania.

 "Interns can spend their beginning college education fully engaged in changing their generation ..." 

"The Associates degree prepares the student for the four-year baccalaureate degree." 

Unfortunately, this college credit is nearly worthless. The King's University is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) - the same body that accredits Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College. I made phone calls to several colleges and universities to see who would accept these transfer credits.

 Of the 3 state schools I called at random, none of them would accept the credits.

 - University of Texas
 - University of Florida
 - Indiana University

But what about community colleges? In the past, many interns have stayed a 3rd or 4th year and gone to a local Junior college in their spare time. Perhaps future interns could go to a community college in Dallas?


 The two biggest local systems are Dallas County Community College District and Tarrant County College. Between them they have 10+ campuses in the area but they do not recognize the accreditation of The King's University.

Perhaps this problem is limited to secular schools. Surely Christian schools would accept these classes as transfer credits? Actually, no. In fact, many Christian Schools do not recognize this accreditation body. Perhaps most surprisingly, even the alma mater of Ron Luce, Oral Roberts University would not accept transfer credits from The King's University (though they have their own direct partnership with Teen Mania). Even Sterling University which previously partnered with Teen Mania to provide college credits would not accept these as transfers. Other Christian schools that would not recognize the credit include Belmont University and Union University.

Outside of the schools accredited by TRACS, the only others I found that would recognize these credit hours were Liberty University and Trinity International University.

 If you or your child plans to attend Teen Mania, please be sure your college credits will transfer to the university of your choice. It would be a shame to end up with thousands of dollars of student loans with no college credits to show for it.


I'm not surprised I'm especially not surprised that my Alma mater, Union University wouldn't accept the credits.

What? IU doesn't accept crap??? Wow color me absolutely not surprised at all, FYI if IU won't accept it the chance of pretty much ANY North Central Accredited school accepting them are slim to none...

The classes I took at TM in the late 90s were hardly academic and were timed to the whim of the administration. If I left and did ATF or missions trips no one cared. There was little to no homework and certainly was not graded. I never expected it to count as college credit. I looked at TM as "gap" year and treated it as such. I learned a lot and grew. I was damaged in some ways too.

If TM is looking for some kind of accreditation why not become an extension of oral Roberts or something?


There are sever Bible colleges I America. TM was designed to be a discipleship program. Clearly after people get saved discipleship is a struggle so I think the idea of making a program where young Christians can go deeper and meet other believers is the heart behind it and I personally think it is a great thjng. I went to bible college and there was not nearly the same accountability.

Mica please just stop, your giving your life to TM . You claim they robbed it in your early 20's by the trams now your in your 30's and your still bossed with what they are doing. Just let it go...

@Anon 10:18
"TM was designed to be a discipleship program."

That's fantastic. The problem isn't that they are not a real college, however. The problem is they are duping students and their families into believing that part of the return of their "investment" into the TM experience is gaining college credits, when in reality, hardly any remotely reputable school will accept them. That's just downright deceitful.

The provost at my alma mater, Moody Bible Institute, was asked why we pursued and got actual university accreditation. After all, did we really need "secular" approval for a degree in the Bible? His answer, which I think was entirely convincing, was that the Bible says that one of the qualifications for a minister is, "He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil's trap" (1 Timothy 3:7).

Proper accreditation is, simply, the way an educational program demonstrates its "good reputation." On the other hand, phony self-styled "college credits" such as TM and TRACS offer (I think the quotation marks are entirely justified there) have a very bad reputation in academia, as this post demonstrates nicely, and could conceivably even hurt your chances of getting into a more legitimate program down the road. Best case scenario, it does your resume no favors. If TM really wants to be "honorable," they should be doing a lot better-- it's rather telling that nobody else is willing to say their program is legitimate.

Anon @10:18 - If TM isn't designed to be a Bible college, then why are they advertising "college credits" and accepting federal financial aid for their program? ...Also, why are you so bitter against RA? Can't you forsake your vindictive spirit and stop trying to get in the way of the good work God has given her to do? ;)

@saved by grace

I knew when I was going to teen mania that I wasn't getting a college education(its really obvious), and rather that I was getting "leadership training" which is what they tell you that youre going to get. I felt they were more than adequate in that aspect of their function. any student or family that gets "duped" didn't do their homework on the ministry. they make it clear their class credits only apply to the few universities that they are affiliated with.

this entire website is entirely over the top...

also, you can't get federal aid or loans for the HA. you have to raise all your money or have your parents pay etc. and if they're real poor some students only have to raise half tuition.

King of Carrot Flowers - For those doing their homework on TM, the "college credits" and federal loans referred to are a new initiative HA has started since their foreclosure, as can be seen at the links in the post or heard in the recent conference call.

Having worked in ministry, the corporate world, and academia, I can assure anyone that "leadership training" is not what anybody looks for when they're hiring people for leadership jobs. (Leadership experience, maybe. Which most internships are not.) It's functionally useless, except for making you feel self-important. Now if you had a degree in a relevant field from an accredited university...

If you think this website is "over the top," surely it would be a better refutation to show that its claims are factually wrong rather than complaining about your perception of its tone.

Eric...regarding your statement above...I cant believe you would insinuate that God has given her the job of tearing down a ministry...that is ludicrous in my eyes....Mica and RA need to get over it...yes I said it...get over it....let God heal them and move on...It is not their job to take down a ministry and I have seen her and them say they won't stop until teen mania is taken down....that is NOT the good work of the Lord.....

Anon - RA specifically says that it is "certainly not" their goal to bring down Teen Mania. Quote from the post at the link: "Last I checked we aren't asking for anything unScriptural or unChristian: honesty, transparency, accountability & LOVE. Are those not Christian anymore?"

That's what I mean by "the good work God has given her to do." If Teen Mania happens to fall down in the process, well, as a good writer once said, "That which can be destroyed by the truth should be."

It seems that many TM supporters would rather see a man-made organization continue indefinitely without accountability than see emotional support be given to spiritually wounded people. That is not the good work of the Lord.

"A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to tear down and a time to build up." (Ecclesiastes 3:3)

I don't think that there is any thing further that TM can do to help the "spiritually wounded"...and you are right..there is a time for everything...when it is done God will close the doors...and yes...RA has proven time and time again that it is their goal to drag down TM, Honor Academy, Ron Luce Dave Hasz and Heath...over and over and over again...really there is a time for everything...it is time to move on.....

> "I don't think that there is any thing further that TM can do to help the 'spiritually wounded'..."

Then no wonder God is closing their doors.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jack Hayford not only publicly endorsed Ron Luce and Teen Mania while he discredited Recovering Alumni in a long written announcement dated 2010, but also sat on TM's Board of Directors, and affiliated his University and it's courses and students with TM. Where is Jack Hayford's outspoken voice now? Where is his apology for his part in betraying the trust of the Christian community? Where is his repentance for his ongoing silence facilitating the continuing cover-up of the financial mismanagement and spiritual abuse perpetrated by Ron Luce and TM? Is it possible that Pastor Jack has lost the integrity he was once so famously renowned for?

I'm sorry. I was angry and spoke harshly and accusatorially. I was wrong to question Jack's integrity. Please forgive me.

I hope for an enlightened response from the Hayford and others on the Board now that the truth has outed and Ron Luce has OPENLY admitted that most of what has been said on this site is indeed true! My attitude regarding that hopeful expectation was beyond unkind, though, and I do apologize.

I no longer have my former Blog, so must comment through this means. Please post this, as it may help keep the door for dialogue open. Thank you.
-Four Squared

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