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April 22, 2014


And for the bonus round, can anyone find a suitable quote from TM about the importance of good stewardship?

This again raises questions about ECFA accreditation-- if $4.1m in debt counted (till last month) as "good standing," then we probably have to conclude that the ECFA badge alone is not a guarantee that a ministry is practicing appropriate money management. I hope donors start asking what is up.

We are rearranging chairs on the upper deck of big sinking ship, while the music plays on!

You know, from the link, I don't see any claim that those 10 charities are "the most insolvent in the nation." In fact, based on the information given, couldn't they have select any 10 charities? Read carefully. -Josh

Josh-- They are listed numerically by amount of debt from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest). That certainly looks like a "Top Ten List."

At very least, though, that indicates that these are the ten most noteworthy examples of insolvency on Charity Navigator's national radar.

Maybe they are noteworthy examples, but only according to the person that wrote the article.

Anon - Charity Navigator gives further background on their "Top Ten Lists" (their term) here.

"In the following Top 10 Lists, we identify those charities in our database that meet certain desirable or undesirable patterns of performance. As with all of our ratings of charities, the inclusion of each charity in this list is based entirely on whether or not it matched the criteria we defined for the list. In other words, we included charities based on how they performed in our rating system, not on our subjective opinions of those charities."

They have dropped to number 5 now.

The company can choose to make payment plans in writing, to the creditors and try to come to some sort of mutual agreement...voluntary insolvency

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